High quality medicines for everyone
We firmly believe that
“Human life and health is invaluable, and there can be no compromise”.

We are a young, efficient, high-tech pharmaceutical group with its own state-of –the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities globally with a robust distribution network. We have 4 manufacturing sites 3 in India (Bhiwadi and SEZ Pitampur) and 1 in Ukraine (Sumy), equipped with the most modern equipment from the leading manufacturers across the world. Our aim is to manufacture high quality, affordable, efficient and safe for people across the world.

All this is possible thanks to the work of an international team of highly self-motivated, qualified industry specialists, modern high-precision manufacturing equipment, and proven world-renowned suppliers of raw materials and components.

We produce quality medicine & formulations in accordance with stringent requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) that are incorporated right at the construction stage. All production procedures are constantly monitored by highly qualified staff. This gives us absolute confidence in the quality of our products with strictly control on the manufacturing processes at every stage.

In the past 5 years our manufacturing facilities have passed more than 60 government & medical body audits from around the world.

We firmly believe that “Human life and health is invaluable, and there can be no compromise”.

Our Factory
Our first state-of-the-art production plant was launched in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India in the year 2007.
2013 was marked by the opening of a third manufacturing plant in Bhiwadi, India.
In 2017 our company started it largest and the most modern manufacturing plant of the Kusum group of companies in the SEZ Pitampur, Indore, India.
In 2009, we opened one of the most modern pharmaceutical plants in the territory of Ukraine in the city of Sumy.